Vagina tree may be dead, but McCarren Park now has an amenity that will allow parkgoers to gape at genitals anywhere they please: Wi-Fi. The Brooklyn Paper called it "glitch-free" on Friday, so that means less time nursing your $4 cup of coffee and getting the stink eye from your barista when "Congratulations, you've won!" randomly blares out of your laptop.

The new Wi-Fi is part of the city's initiative to provide free internet service—courtesy of AT&T (we still hate you)—to 20 different parks across the five boroughs. Until now, Brooklyn had been left behind. “I would never use the Internet in a park—that’s what the office is for,” one loafing parkgoer told the paper. “You can’t be connected all the time.” Unfortunately, while doing the interview off the grid, he missed a new job opportunity, his girlfriend broken up with him on Twitter, and he had absolutely no idea about Tupac's new sex tape.

For a list of all the parks that will eventually have Wi-Fi (for a few years anyway) go here.