Photograph of John McCain holding shirts given to him by Roberto Martin-Perez, a former Cuban political prisoner, in Miami by Jeff Chiu/AP

While his Democratic opponent has yet to be determined, Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain'a campaign made plans for for him to meet with three potential running mates this weekend. The invitees to McCain's Sedona, Arizona ranch are Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Louisana Bobby Jindal and former Masschusetts governor and former Republican opponent Mitt Romney.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlently, who is considered a possible VP contender, apparently has a wedding to go to this weekend. However, McCain campaign adviser Charlie Black said, "It has nothing whatsoever to do with the vice presidential selection process," pointing out it would be "awkward" for all three to be there at the same time if it were. What, they don't draw straws?

ABC News has a funny ranking of possible VP candidates with their pros and cons - Pawletny is #1, Romney is #3 and Crist is #5. Jindal is at #10--one "con" not mentioned is that the 36-year-old would make 71-year-old McCain look even older!