102208pslope.JPGAfter reporting on such freaks of nature as black McCain supporters in NYC and, um, an immaculately conceived tomato, the Times has now discovered a pocket of "real America" right in the Socialist-Terrorist Obama Hussein hotbed of Park Slope! No less than four brownstones on one block of 11th Street are displaying signs for McCain, in a district that has just 51 Republicans out of 643 registered voters. 73-year-old Betty Donohue has lived there since '60s, when her block was mostly Roman Catholic: "'Now these professionals, they both work, they have nannies and their meals on wheels,” she said, using her favorite description of restaurant deliveries. 'But lovely people. To pay these prices, you aren’t getting riffraff.'" (Just elitists.) Donohue's anti-Obama neighbor Bob Olson says, "I’m a perverse kind of guy. I was going to put up a sign that said: ‘Nobama. Keep the Change.'"