2008_08_palin.jpgHoping to counter Barack Obama's post-DNC bounce in the polls, John McCain will reportedly announce who he has chosen for vice president at an event in Dayton, Ohio today at 12 p.m. NBC News says Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney are out, and CNN says that "sources point to Palin as McCain's running mate" (but CNN hasn't confirmed it). Palin would be Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who is 44 and has only two years of experience (she is also currently being investigated by the Alaska legislature for her own Troopergate). ABC News says that Palin will not be in Ohio--she's heading to the State Fair in Anchorage today.Update: Now CNN says Palin will be in Dayton as senior McCain advisers confirm she's the VP pick. Pat Buchanan says this is a huge political gamble but it will energize the Republican base (he notes she's a "Buchananite"), she's a reformer, pro-life, and a mom of five--but he acknowledges her lack of experience. The VP debate with Biden on October 2 should be really interesting. And now NY Times confirms.