As expected, many people took the opportunity to call the Mayor yesterday, after he bragged how he took calls from constituents at home on his listed-in-the-phonebook number. The NY Times reports that the Mayor's communications director said Bloomberg's townhouse received "more calls than we can count" while the Post was able to fix the uncountable number as "more than 100 calls." A Post reporter tried calling a few times, but only got a busy signal or Bloomberg's voicemail. However the Times found a woman who thinks she got through to the mayor but he claimed he wasn't. Toby Cohen thinks the Mayor is dodging her housing complaint, as she's even tried to hand deliver a letter. She said, "A man answered the phone and insisted he was not the mayor. But I'm quite sure it was him because I recognized his voice." Yeah, who could mistake that sorta nasal whine...that lulling monotone that's better than Ambien. Anyway, Gothamist was surprised to hear that the Mayor would answer the phone himself, because we imagine he'd be too busy swimming in his Scrooge McDuck vault of money. If he really wanted to make himself available to his people, we'd have his cellphone number!

Did you try to call the Mayor? Any luck?