2006_04_americasafer.jpgMayor Bloomberg and Boston's Mayor Menino hosted a summit to stop the spread of illegal guns in communities, with thirteen mayors from other cities (Buffalo, Dallas, Hartford, Jackson, Jersey City, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Providence, Seattle, Trenton, Tulsa, DC and Yonkers) in attendance. Bloomberg referenced the death of 2 year old David Pacheco, saying, "The only thing that would have helped that child is if we had the courage to stand up and get the guns off the street. And those who vote against getting guns off the street really are the ones as much responsible as the shooter, because if the shooter didn't have a gun, that child would still be alive." Fighting words - and the Mayor also blamed Congress for not doing enough. A Harvard professor explained to the Times, "We are not an aberrant country in terms of crime or in terms of violence. The only difference is homicides, where we are way out of whack. We have many more handguns and much weaker gun laws than any other country."

Read the press release from the Mayor's office, which notes the following agreements from the gang of 15:

- Work with local law enforcement agencies and state representatives to maximize penalties for those who posses, use and traffic in illegal guns
- Team up to oppose potentially damaging and limiting federal legislation
- Share best practices and innovative policing and law enforcement strategies - which includes creating a website to serve as a resource to all participating cities
- Meet by the end of the year and try to increase the number mayors attending to 50

Notice how the room where the mayors met was decked out in American flags and the "logo" for the event has red and white stripes, reminding everyone that these mayors stand for America, as the NRA will be doing its best to prove they don't.

Photograph from the AP