The Mayor has released the Mayor's Management report for 2004 (MMR), noting that crime, pedestrian and fire fatalities have reached lows and that 311 is helping build accountability for city agencies. The MMR judges the performance of city agencies during the fiscal year (July 2003 through June 2004), and here are some notable statistics:

- More people complained that "police officers abused their authority through improper searches and unwarranted threats of arrest" (from the NY Times)
- Homeless intake is down but the homeless population is up; infant mortality and child asthma are up (Newsday)
- 20% increase in tickets - 9,997,000! (Daily News)
- 311 use has risen from 1.2 million in fiscal 2003 to 8.1 million in fiscal 2004; two-thirds were noise related, which caused a 31% increase in noise summonses (NY Post)
- Rat complaints increased by 8%
- Potholes are getting repaired more quickly, but emergency response time is worse, though the administration argues the numbers were affected by the blackout last August

Overall, the administration feels the city is doing better, with the Mayor saying, "The safest city in America continues to get safer; our streets are the cleanest they have been in 30 years; we have made progress in educating our children; fewer families entered homeless shelters for the first time in four years; traffic fatalities decreased; potholes are being repaired quicker; and civilian fire fatalities remained at historic low levels," however critics are giving the city a mixed review (the city is better in some areas and could use a lot of work in others). Gothamist is glad crime is down, but we hope the city's social services keep getting better as we are in the 2005 fiscal year.

Read the MMR yourself. Another resource we liked was My Neighborhood Statistics; we learned that in our neighborhood, 20% of the food establishments fail initial inspection, 89% of public school students attend class, 94% of the sidewalks are "acceptably clean" (they clearly are ignoring all the dog poo), response time for crimes is 5 minutes, and there were 566 murders. It's wonderful to learn so much about where live - or where you want to live.