2005_09_mmr05.jpgYesterday, Mayor Bloomberg took time to release his Mayor's Management Report and proclaimed that the city - under his watch, natch - to be awesome. During the press conference, he said, "We have become - envy may be too strong, but maybe not - the envy of the rest of the country and the world." Some highlights:

- Crime is down 5%, including murders
- Recycling has increased, but summons for not following recycling rules has increased 22%
- Library hours have increased, but they are still only open six days a week [NY Times]
- Fire response times are 13 second longer, a 5% jump [Daily News]
- AIDS cases are down, but syphilis cases have tripled since 2001 (the Health Department notes an international epidemic)
- 51% of third to eight grade school children meet or exceed English requirements, up from 41%
- Drop in quality of life summons from last year [NY Times]
- More people are calling 311
- More complaints about rats and infestation - a 40% jump since last year, even though the city has increased exterminations [Newsday]

What's more, besides this year's MMR being released seemingly early, perhaps to light into today's primaries, the NY Post points out that there's an addendum in the report that compares how the city has done in 2001, before Mayor Mike, with these end-of-(first?)-term stats. But Mayor Bloomberg denied trying to steal some Primary Day spotlight, saying only, "Will it impact the election on Nov. 8? The public's supposed to judge this administration on whether or not they've done a good job, so of course they're going to look at this." Newsday adds that the Mayor's Primary Day Celebration will be at the Brooklyn Marriott.

You can read the Mayor's Management Report here. You can also see how your neighborhood is doing by checking out My Neighborhood Stats where you map your address and the information comes to you. And Gothamist on last year's MMR.