After news that the Mayor's plan to end social promotion for fifth graders, an education expert says the Mayor has too much power. The biggest problem in the opinion of Diane Ravitch, an NYU education historian, is that there's very little public input into the process. Interestingly, Ravitch told the Daily News she'd vote for Bloomberg in 2005. Gothamist has wondered about the Mayor's plans: On the face of things, it's great that he's trying to bring about change, because the then-Board of Ed was riled in enough trouble and problems. However, some of his actions don't seem to take into account the feelings of not just parents but the teachers themselves. Education will be one of the major issues of the Mayor's reelection platform, so he has a lot riding on it - it'll be interesting to see how his plans progress till 2005.

In other school news, two school employees were fired after four boys and their families filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Department of Education and one employee. The boys had been strip-searched when another teacher lost her ring and thought the boys had it.

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