With the election two hundred days away (or just about that, depending on how you count), the mayoral race is starting to get into get kicked into high gear. Former City Council Speaker Peter Vallone of Queens endorsed City Council Speaker Gifford Miller. NY1 points out the scary thing about the Vallone-Miller connection, aside from both having Speaker experience: "Miller finds himself in a similar position as Vallone did four years ago. In 2001, Vallone constantly trailed in the polls and eventually lost the Democratic Primary." Yikes!

Newsday had a very nice look at the shifting ground for Democrats in the race, as the Mayor has, surprisingly, high (for him) approval ratiings. The big wild card is whether or not Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields will be able to step up and seize the lead amongst Democrats by getting out their and explaining what she stands for. Gothamist tries to follow the various candidates, and quite honestly, Fields is the one we hear the least of, so we're wary that her support is more a "she's the least offensive." Maybe she needs a new PR tactic. And The Politicker says that at Fernando Ferrer's fundraiser last night, he "really turned it on for the first time in a while...[promising] to fight and throw punches." Well, Gothamist still wants to put a fork in him. And if you have any insights on this year's campaign, let us know!