Some notes about various candidates vying to be Hizzoner (or could we someday get Herroner?):
- Mayor Bloomberg's reelection staff sought advice from a range of influencers and politicians on how to shed the mayor's billionaire image. It seems the number one thing to do is remind people he wasn't born a billionaire, he just worked his way to that. Both former Mayor Ed Koch and former Representative Herman Badillo say that the mayor needs to get out and meet people in the outer boroughs (Koch says, Bloomberg should be "out there on the streets 10 days a week, not 7" and Badillo notes, "If you walk up the South Bronx and see 1,000 people, then they will tell 10,000 people, 'I just saw the mayor; he was here with us.'"). Koch also had other colorful quotes for the Times article: Ferrer "slit his own throat" by his handling of his remarks about Amadou Diallo's death and Mayor Bloomberg's "problem is that he's shy." But yet not too shy to fill potholes!

And while Mayor Bloomberg wants to appeal the gay marriage in NYC ruling, he is willing to honor gay marriages from other states.
- Reverend Al Sharpton is saying that the Action Network will guide who he endorses as the Democratic candidate for Mayor. The National Action Network Convention is a Sharpton-founded non-profit, and the Democratic candidates will be at the convention, giving Q&A's.
- City Council Speaker Gifford Miller won support from Kings County, leading his campaign manager to say, "This soldified Brooklyn as Miller country."
- A gay rights group questioned former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer's vote to amend a gay rights law in 1986.