2006_03_mayorpool.jpgGothamist has been mesmerized by the press circus Newark Mayor Sharpe James created when he dropped off petitions to be on the ballot for mayor this fall. He rode a bike to the city clerk's office, took off his jacket to reveal, in the imitable words of WNBC's Darlene Rodriguez this morning, "some guns," and carried a crate of petitions - all while wearing a straw hat! Just watch this CBS 2 video! And yes, he did explain he biked the city clerk's office because he "was exercising in the gym and already planned to come from the gym here and this was the shortest way to get here." Uh huh. Anyway, Mayor James is 70 years old, and he totally looks like he could beat up our mayor. If the Devils ever move to Newark, and meet the Rangers in the playoffs, Gothamist wouldn't vote that any "friendly wagers" do not involve arm wrestling.

Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg from NYC.gov; photograph of Mayor James from the NY Times, taken by Dith Pran, the photographer the movie The Killing Fields is based on; check out his website, The Dith Pran Holocaust Awareness Project, which educates people about the Cambodian genocide in the 1970s