With just over half a year to the party primaries, there are rumblings in both parties about what'll happen with their NYC mayoral candidate. NY1 reports the biggest news, that the Queens GOP may consider backing Thomas Ognibene, a former City Councilman, instead of Mayor Bloomberg. This comes after Ognibene's claims that the Mayor tried to give him a job to deter him from running against him. Mayor Bloomberg's campaign manager, "We hope that the Queens Republican Party realizes it is not in their best interests to support a right wing version of Ralph Nader who doesn't have a chance of winning citywide office." That's pretty true: Politics aside, Ognibene is pretty much an unknown quantity, and people might be tempted to vote for someone whose name they have heard on a more frequent basis. But, it could be that the GOP might want to sabotage the Mayor's campaign, as Mayor B has a pretty liberal agenda. As for what the Mayor was doing yesterday, he tried to get a speaking gig at an event Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion was putting together but was told that no one aside from Carrion was speaking. So the Mayor didn't show up...no, wait...it was a scheduling conflict that prevented him from attending. Yeah, good one.

City Council Speaker Gifford Miller is staging an event in Brooklyn to "receive" support from various politicians there today. The Post reports the Brooklyn locale was a deliberate choice to one-up fellow Democratic candidate wannabe Congressman Anthony Weiner, a Brooklyn boy.