- Thank you, Politicker, for posting Anthony Weiner's campaign flyer to show how he's probably the "only candidate for mayor who will mail out a copy of his Bar Mitzvah photograph." The flyer also says Weiner "will be New York City's Middle-Class Mayor" because middle-class is no longer a twelve letter word. WNBC 4 says that the latest WNBC/Marist poll has Bloomberg soundly beating all possible Democratic mayoral candidates, leading Fernando Ferrer 16 points, C. Virginia Fields and Weiner by 18, and Gifford Miller by 20 points! This is the first time Gothamist has seen Weiner not be at the bottom; it must be the picture!

- The NY Times has a front page feature of Ferrer, which is probably the first in a series of features on the "hopefuls." The article looks at Ferrer's message, background, political chops, and what other Democrats think of him. Newsday notes that State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver backed Ferrer yesterday at a press conference in Chinatown and wonders if Silver had any trayf while there; you'll remember Silver essentially killed the West Side Stadium plan, so we wonder if Bloomberg will gun extra hard at Ferrer.

- Ferrer and Mayor Bloomberg are arguing over each other's remarks regarding subway security and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. Ferrer says the subways haven't always been safe; Bloomberg said Ferrer wants to fire dear ol' Kelly boy. As fights go, this is pretty boring, but if Ferrer should happen to win, if he brings in a new police commissioner, Kelly's will be a tough act to follow.

- The NY Times focused on Miller's new ad campaign, which will be a more expensive and bigger effort than Ferrer's five-figure buy, and says it'll be on network and cable TV. If Miller's media buyers know anything, there will be Miller ads not only on NY1 but during Law & Order, because New Yorkers love their L&O.

- The Observer says Mayor Bloomberg has 25,000 volunteers and he wants more. Gothamist theory: He's invented a volunteer-cloning machine in his townhouse basement and they're invading the city.

- And on a final flyer note, the Post says Fields has a new flyer company, in a final attempt to remove herself from the flyer fiasco. That or anyone who uses a Bloomberg terminal is considered a "volunteer" since that revenue furnishes the B-man's bottom line.

Image of Anthony Weiner's flyer via The Politicker