Yesterday, the seven mayoral candidates for Mayor converged in Queens to speak at the Northeast Queens Jewish Community Council. Mayor Bloomberg left after giving opening remarks, giving some of the other attendees (Democrats Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields, former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer, City Council Speaker Gifford Miller and Representative Anthony Weiner; Republicans investment banker Scott Shaw and Thomas Ognibene of Queens) opportunity to slam him. Weiner ragged on how Bloomberg was there for such a short period (Bloomberg says he had other activities; this ">Post picture proves he needed to be in a Greek parade with some youngin's) while others sounded the usual things against him: The West Side Stadium, education reform that hasn't quite jelled, being a billionaire, bad housing policy, and being Manhattan-centric.

In non-Bloomby news, Ferrer is getting pilloried, with news that his campaign headquarters' landlord (and a big supporter) is a slumlord to some Bronx residents. And then there was the his apperance at Reverend Sharpton's Action Network Conference where many Democrats criticized Ferrer's handling of his recent Diallo shooting remarks. The Politicker was at the convention and has a great account. Even Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver is saying his campaign is in free fall! Then there's a NY Times article about problems with Miller's campaign in corraling broader support. Maybe Fields has a chance, after all.

And back to Hizzoner: Mayor Bloomberg now has his own rap song honoring him, thanks to Independence Party leader Lenora Fulani's supporters. The Daily News notes that while Mayor Bloomberg has tried to distance himself from Fulani (there were allegations that she's anti-Semitic), Senator Charles Schumer and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer have accepted her endorsements. While the lyrics are pretty dumb, we'd like to see Mayor Bloomberg rap in his unmellifluous mostly-monotone for kicks.

Photo from Newsday