2005_10_bloombergbush.jpgWith just one week to go before New Yorkers head to the polls, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Fernando Ferrer are turning up the heat with their ads, and we just say, "Finally!" While we're totally weary of the Corzine-Forrestor NJ gubernatorial negative advertising (okay, we get it: Forrester isn't for stem cell research and Corzine dated a union head), Gothamist has been totally numbed by the neverending waves of Bloomberg ads, with a touch of Ferrer thrown in there. But now the ads are getting crazy. Most dramatically, Ferrer's new photocollage TV ad that links Bloomberg to Bush has Bloomberg's campaign claiming it shows Bloomberg performing a sex act on Bush! Or so the Post would like you to believe:

Bloomberg wears a suit. Bush sports a cowboy hat, a plaid shirt and a holster with a gun. They are bobbing up and down. Then Bloomberg's right hand, which holds a wad of cash, moves up and down in a rhythmic motion below Bush's belt, as a grin crosses the president's face, and his arms and legs quiver momentarily. Bloomberg then gives the money to the president — and Bush's pistol goes off in celebration.

Well, whose pistol doesn't go off when you get money? The ad is trying to explain that the Mayor gave the Republican party the biggest donation in history, but Bloomberg says the $7 million was for the Republican National Convention...which did turn around to nominate Bush.

Check out the ad here on Ferrer's campaign site. This TV ad is thematically similar to a radio ad (country music) that ends with "Elect Freddy Ferrer mayor. He's not like Mike, he's more like you." The NY Times describes the various new ads each side is coming out with (Ferrer has Al Sharpton salsaing! Bloomberg makes his first negative remarks about Ferrer!). In true Bloombergian fashion, when asked what he thought of Ferrer, Bloomberg said, "I don't have personal opinions." Perfect.

The final Mayoral Debate is tonight at 7PM on WNBC Channel 4. It should get intense, as Ferrer didn't enjoy any discernable post-Sunday support bump.