When asked about ending the schools' social promotion plan for third graders, Mayor Bloomberg said, "Yes, they may cry a little bit. But children in the third grade cry a lot, and it's part of the growing-up process. They have to learn that they've got to do the work. And they've got to learn if they don't have the skills, people shouldn't walk away from them and society should work with them." The Daily News also has some interesting statistics, like 36% of ninth graders and 43% of sophomores repeated their grades last year.

Other education news: The good - more kids are passing the Regents exams. The bad - the results show a gap between white and minority children. The Times reports that Chancellor Klein finds the news "troubling" and will use it as why social promotions had to end.

Read the presentation for the Children First Promotion Policy.

The Daily News also reveals that one of Mayor Bloomberg's last-minute Education Policy Panel appointees owns a lingerie shop in Staten Island. Yes, Staten Island - they wear lingerie there apparently! Shocking!