2005_12_austinmacn.jpgBam! The Mayor used his veto power to "support landmark status" for a Brooklyn warehouse in Williamsburg. The City Council had approved to remove landmark status for the Austin, Nichols Warehouse at 184 Kent Avenue (read this Gotham Gazette story about it) last week, paving the way for the building to be converted to condos. City Councilman David Yassky told the NY Times that the Mayor's sudden decision to go landmark happy was "to curry favor with preservationists after refusing to landmark 2 Columbus Circle. Now they'll milk it and really try to get political credit." What, politicians trying to get political credit? Shocking!

The Mayor says that the building is significant because its designed by Cass Gilbert - he did design the Woolworth Building, after all. Do you think the Mayor is a playa playing the game - and do you hate the game or the playa? Or is this the right thing to do, whereas 2 Columbus Circle was an eyesore?