With the Puerto Rican Day Parade right around the corner, Mayor Bloomberg reminded Fifth Avenue buildings not to board up their properties. Many buildings along the parade's two mile route had taken to putting plywood on doors and windows, fearing rowdy crowds. While Puerto Rican Day parade violence has been a concern since the 2000 "wildings," the NYPD has made sure to step up patrols. Daily News says no buildings have been boarded up so far and that only police sawhorses have been put out, but 1035 Fifth Avenue told the Post they would put up a metal fence again, since people have climbed onto a window ledge in years past (last year, some buildings put panels and fences up) .

Here's a calendar of events for festivities. Sunday's big parade will start at 11AM, going down Fifth Avenue from 86th Street to 44th. And the Grand Marshal is Mr. Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony. (And one of J. Lo's collaborators, Fat Joe, will also be honored.)