Aww, Snookers. While the plump fist-pumper had to get bailed out of jail by J-WOWW yesterday, Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey relished in the afterglow. "We’re getting wonderful publicity, we’re getting publicity throughout the United States!" he told the Post. "We couldn’t pay a half-million dollars for this!" Furthermore, Hershey believes Snooki's arrest will once and for all prove to the country that the Jersey Shore isn't the drunken, "Gorilla"-filled shore town everyone thinks it is.

The drunken star reportedly wandered out to the beach despite protests from cast mates JWOWW and Deena Nicole Cortese. Typical fare for the Jersey Shore, but cops intervened once she pushed a guy out of a public shower. When she was apprehended, she allegedly yelled, "Do you know who I am? I’m f—king Snooki!" And there you have it; the "I'm Chuck Bass" of 2010. She was released after four hours behind bars.

But don't think this is stopping the star from milking her celebrity for all it's worth. During a photo shoot, she told the Post, "I want to get my name out there. Not just Snooki but Nicole Polizzi. I want to be taken seriously. Not just as a party girl." Next up: MTV debuts "Snooki's Road to Redemption."