Mayor Bloomberg

The Daily News, so hot and bothered about the Mayor's ticketing spree from last year, excited proclaimed that the city's ticket revenues would be $1 billion. Not so fast: As it turns out, while the city's revenues will still be 30% higher than 2002's at $540 million, $540 million is still, oh, about $460 million away from $1billion. Of course, the Post gleed at this news, pointing out that the DN took off the story and image from their website. The Mayor said, "The Daily News unfortunately made a mathematical mistake. I assume tomorrow you'll see a very large correction."

The Daily News tries to explain it with "calculations were tripped up by our use of some incorrect data, then we made matters worse with a mathematical gaffe." Blah blah blah. Gothamist tried that "we accidentally carried a one" excuse before and it doesn't cut it.