Gothamist admits it: Ever since we read this Newsday article about Mayor Bloomberg's new office in Washington Heights, we've been dying for pictures. Why? It's all in the lede:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg swung by his new Dyckman Street campaign office in Washington Heights Wednesday to show off his new, albeit leased, campaign bus. Bloomberg toured the half-bus, half-platform white monstrosity, but opted not to test his popularity by tooling around the city's best-known Dominican neighborhood.

"He'll ride in it sometimes when he campaigns throughout New York City," spokesman Stu Loeser later promised.

Okay, now, we need some pictures of this monstrosity, because it must be really really, really bad if reporters aren't even trying to gently cloak what it is with euphemisms. If you can take a picture of the bus in action, Flickr it!

Bloomberg had a salsa band with him, and his likely election time rival, Fernando Ferrer, said, "I don't need a band or a bus to introduce me to the people of Washington Heights....I suggest to the mayor that next time he comes to Washington Heights, he ought to linger a little while and learn more about the neighborhood." Nice one, Freddy.