Some said Mayor Bloomberg was a miracle worker when he saved himself from a requisite departure and found a way to rewrite the city's term limits laws with a simple wave of the hand. But today the mayor stepped in and took part in some real life heroics, nearly having to perform CPR on a Lehman College student who passed out behind him during a press conference. City Room says that when Emmanuel Vega fainted at a press conference on CUNY's growing enrollment, Bloomberg "searched for a pulse in his neck, helped unbutton his shirt and tried to get the start talking." Once Vega regained consciousness, Bloomberg instructed the young man to stay down until police arrived. The mayor said, “He seems okay. He said he hadn’t eaten any breakfast, so he just needed some food or water or it’s hot in here." The superhero bug must be going around City Hall these days—two weeks ago Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler broke up a mugging in midtown.