2005_06_mayoraf.jpgThe latest Quinnipiac poll says Mayor Bloomberg is well ahead of his nearest challengers. Bloomberg leads Fernando Ferrer by 13 points, with Bloomby hitting 50% for the first time Gothamist can remember. Additionally, he leads C. Virginia Fields by 15 points (49% to her 34%), Gifford Miller by 16% (49% to 33%) and Anthony Weiner by 21 points (51% to 30%). Being the laggard is giving Weiner opportunity to be the most aggressive in attacking the mayor; however, Ferrer and Fields are the Democratic frontrunners, with Ferrer outpacing Fields. And while Gothamist did hear about some faltering numbers for Bloomberg after the West Side Stadium kerfuffle, the Mayor's approval rating is now 55%, a three year high. Gothamist wonders if those polled have just given up, amidst the Mayor's ad blitz, because every morning when Gothamist wakes up, we hear about how great Mike is during the commercials (which is why the Mute button can be fun!).

The NY Times reports that the Mayor is trying to steer traditionally Democratic donors from his competition, the Politicker has some evidence City Comptroller Bill Thompson is thinking about 2009, and the Daily News looks at Ferrer's criticism of the Olympics bid's cost to taxpayers.

This photograph of Mayor Bloomberg is from his trip to Ghana to promote the city's NYC 2012 Olympic bid. Gothamist is struck by the "Casual Bloomberg" - we never really thought he actually wore jeans and recommend he stick to suits. Or circus hats.