2007_05_bloomb.jpgWCBS 2 reporter Andrew Kirtzman takes up rumors of Mayor Bloomberg wanting to run for Governor (which the mayor denies) by way of looking at how everyone wants to talk about him. Given that he's frequently cited in national publications (writing about gun control in Newsweek, named a Time 100 influential), political consultant Norman Adler says, "Mike Bloomberg is kind of the Paris Hilton of politics. People want to report about him and want to conjecture about him." Phew, that's what the Paris Hilton comparison is about -- for a second we were worried he'd start toting around a Chihuahua and expose himself in paparazzi pictures. Besides, only one of them deserves to be famous.

As for the gubernatorial rumors, here's what Bloomberg and Spitzer said:

"I spoke to Spitzer this morning," Bloomberg said. "He reminded me how cold it is in Oswego. I love Oswego. I'd love to visit, but I have no interest, never had a discussion about running for governor. He's doing a great job. No one's asked me."

Spitzer said he believes him.

"Frankly, neither of us is thinking about 2010 right now," the governor said.

The number-one theory is that Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno leaked the information to the Post. In fact, today Bruno tells the Post, "People would have a great deal of enthusiasm for him running for governor, and I think being governor of New York, you automatically become a presidential contender."

In other Bloomberg news, WNBC's Jay DeDapper has a good look at how Mayor Mike drops the f-f bomb on U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, regarding Gonzales' earlier promise about repealing the Tiahrt Amendment, which prohibits the feds from sharing data about guns with local authorities. The f-f bomb is "flip-flop".