2006_08_mayorbstpat.jpgAh, the global community! Mayor Bloomberg, who put off a trip to Ireland last month because of a little ol' Queens blackout situation, is finally headed to Eire tomorrow. However, two groups who oppose U.S. policy in Iraq and Lebanon will be on hand when the Mayor will take part in a dedication ceremony for a Fighting 69th monument. The NY Times notes that the Mayor's support of noted Iraq war supporter Senator Joseph Lieberman as well as his support of President Bush's pro-Israel stance is warranting a "peace vigil" and demonstration tomorrow. Indymedia Ireland posters even note how much it costs to travel to the areas where Bloomberg is visiting, in case people want to join in. Well, it's good that the Mayor will have a bit of protest to follow him around - we wonder if the Ballymote and Sligo police have tactics akin to the NYPD.

And the Fighting 69th was an Irish-American regiment during our Civil War. The Irish Examiner wrote about the regiment - and how the Mayor's cancelled tripped fouled up some plans made by veterans.

Photograph of the Mayor during the 2005 St. Patrick's Day Parade