The Mayor got good news and bad news from the City Council yesterday. Good news: The City Council approved the city's plan to revelop Brooklyn's Greenpoint-Williamsburg waterfront. The one lone opposing vote came from Councilman Charles Barron, who said, "There has to be a day in this City Council where we don't settle for less than 50 percent affordable housing" - the current plan has a provision requiring new apartment buildings to have one-third affordable housing.

His bad news: The City Council voted not to allow public funds to be used in the financing of the proposed-and-still-in-legal-limbo West Side Stadium. Mayor Bloomberg had planned on using payments in lieu of taxes, aka PILOTs, on the stadium; PILOTs are revenues from other deals to companies who get economic development tax breaks. Since the Mayor has been able to spend PILOT funds without the City Council's approval, the City Council laid down this smackdown. Bloomberg's camp says the bill is illegal, and the City Council says that any Bloomberg-veto will be overruled by the court (City Council Speaker Gifford Miller said, "We understand that [Mayor Bloomberg is] desperate. But he's still wrong."). Ah, the lawyers must love this deal.