After the announcement that city counter-terror cops would be sent back to their home boroughs to fight rising crime, Maybe Bloomberg wants New Yorkers to feel safe on all fronts. "We move people around all the time," he said, according to 1010Wins. "We have enough patrols to keep the city secure." Contrary to what was originally reported, the police department says that just eight of the 67 patrol cars in the unit—usually used to flood Manhattan terror targets like Times Square of Madison Square Gardens—"will patrol in parts of Queens and Brooklyn that have experienced crime increases."

As the number of cops on streets has fallen from almost 41,000 a decade ago to 35,000 this year due to a huge city deficit, murder rates have gone up 22 percent, and crime is rising even in neighborhoods traditionally considered safe. Though some New Yorkers see the reallocation of resources as a necessary move considering the budget crunch, not everyone is on board. "I think it's bad because you have to get protected. We have to be protected," Maribel Garcia of the Upper West Side told WCBSTV.

When questioned whether any terror targets would be left unprotected while the squad patrols the outer boroughs, Bloomberg explained, "It's the sort of thing that unless you put a cop in front of every building 24 hours a day seven days a week you can always have done more and that's not the reality."