Tonight, Mayor de Blasio will fly to Israel for a three-day trip. On his agenda: Discussing ways to combat anti-Semitism and meeting with Palestinians.

Visiting Israel is a rite of passage for New York politicians "in part because of the city’s large Jewish population." However, they do not usually meet with Palestinians.

The NY Times points out, "The move is intended as a gesture of inclusivity from one of the country’s most liberal leaders, who prides himself on pursuing a mission above day-to-day politics. But while his liberal base might approve, the mayor could risk antagonizing voters in a city where unequivocal allegiance to Israel has long been the political norm."

While de Blasio had considered visiting the West Bank, he will instead go to a biling­ual school near Jerusalem with has Arab and Israeli students. From the Times:

Inside City Hall, some staff members said privately that it was clear that a visit to the West Bank at a sensitive moment might be received very differently than an event with Jerusalem schoolchildren.

A de Blasio spokeswoman, Amy Spitalnick, said in a statement that Mr. de Blasio’s visit to the school was closely linked to the mayor’s longtime support of a two-state peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians.

“Building inclusivity and tolerance between all of the region’s people is critical to that goal,” Ms. Spitalnick wrote. “There’s no better place to start than with kids.” Two students from the bilingual school, which was damaged in an arson attack last year, traveled to the White House in December to meet President Obama.

The seemingly endless violent conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has intensified in the past few weeks, and on Tuesday, three Israelis were killed and 20 injured in four attacks by Palestinians.

De Blasio issued a statement after that series of incidents, mourning the victims and adding, "There is simply no place for violence - and we all must speak out against the loss of any innocent life. We continue to pray for the day in which the Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace and security."

Ahead of the trip, the Post has a story about how a Arab-American activist (and de Blasio ally) Linda Sarsour is in a Twitter beef with Council Member Rory Lancman: