2006_04_nyccard.jpgIn an appeal to his supporters, the Mayor took them to lunch at the Four Seasons restaurant to give them some cards. But not just any ol' cards - wallet-sized, plastic covered cards - "The New York City Card '06" - that list the city's (in the Mayor's eyes) top five initiatives. Sort of like mission statements that marketing heads get, the list is what Bloomberg hopes will be a filter for donors to think about whether they want to support other candidates, as in, "Do these candidates care about NYC?" Here are the priorities:

- Approval of the trade-in of $2 billion in Federal tax credits in exchange for $2 billion in upfront Federal funds for the long-needed rail link from Lower Manhattan to Long Island.
- Allocation of Federal Homeland Security should be distributed to the nation's states and cities based on threat, not pork barrel politics.
- Opposition to Federal eminent domain legislation that would cripple responsible re-development and revitalization.
- Increase in the State cap on charter schools to 250 to provide working families greater educational choice for their children.
- Support of legislation to provide financial incentives to produce affordable housing for New Yorkers.

We're all for affordable housing, giving working families more educational choices, protecting the city and creating lasting infrastructure, but how about getting NY State to pay the city the billions it owes for the school system? Anyway, people are skeptical that donors will actually change their mind about who they support because of these cards, but they probably appreciated the free lunch.

We wonder if there are secret cards the Mayor gives to people that have initiatives like "Smoke Less" and "Gimme my West Side Stadium!" or "Where my Olympics?"