Mayor Bloomberg is riding on the city's goodwill after his calm and generally well received deportment during the blackout. Bronx Bourough President Adolfo Carrion tuggests to Newsday that one of Bloomby's strengths is his billionaire business background, "Bloomberg took charge and I think that's what people look for in a mayor [Yeah, isn't having a mayor in charge expected?] I think he demonstrated calm, he was very reassuring, he was informative and I think it shows why he was successful in creating his company." This positive response is unsual for Bloomberg, leading his advisers to joke that he was probably unhappy about the power being back on. Yeah, that's not a good joke,

According to the Times, the Mayor was especially (and uncharacteristically) aggressive and confrontational in trying to get the city its electricity, engaging in yet another city vs. state fight. Gothamist would like to see more of the aggressive confrontational Bloomberg at press conferences, spilling his paranoia as easliy as Giuliani did. But we guess we'll have to settle for his totally boring unengaging public speaking style.