To make us laugh a little today: The NY Times followed the Mayor on the morn of Election Day, and titled their article, "For the Mayor, a Quiet Day of cookies and Ballots." Yes, our mayor had a jampacked day of voting and noshing:

As the mayor strolled up to his polling site, Public School 6 on East 81st Street between Park and Madison Avenues, a woman held out two packages of blue-dyed sugar cookies from the school bake sale - one with red elephants on the cookies and the other with red donkeys.

Mayor Bloomberg decided on one package of each kind, after joking that neither would be good for his waistline (he did pass on the Krispy Kreme doughnuts, though). He handed over $2 for the cookies, three each in clear plastic packages.

And then, when he went to go vote, he reassured a woman that he wasn't trying to cut her, saying, "I'd be massacred on the front page of the newspapers." Oh, Mayor Bloomberg, if you really cared about us New Yorkers, you would have cut a lady so we New Yorkers could have read and laughed about it.

The Mayor also found it "unacceptable" that the Board of Elections's phone lines and website were jammed. Bloomberg said the city extended help to the BoE but they declined, wanting to remain independent of the administration.