When announcing the city's plan to turn a South Bronx dump in a park yesterday, the Mayor bragged to reporters that he could do "an Eskimo roll in the rapids in a kayak, thank you." An Eskimo roll is righting a capsized kayak, which is not surprising, given the Mayor's need to navigate the crazy world of city politics. He hoped that the press corps would kayak with him to the future Hunt's Point Park, as well saying his "fondest hope" is for press secretary Ed Skyler to try the Eskimo roll as well. Ah, Mayor B, bringing the press and his administration together. Gothamist likes that the shovels for the groundbreaking ceremony are golden; we wonder if they are real shovels, or lightweight ones for show, the way there are huge fake scissors for ribbon-cutting ceremonies. The NY Times noted the smells from area industries are intense, and that the Parks Department hopes to create "an urban refuge." The new park will have fishing, an open amphitheater, lawn, and floating dock, and will be part of the Bronx Greenway. It will be accessible by subway or kayak, too!

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