2006_10_bloombarn.jpgIf it's October and it's a midterm election year and it's your second (and final) mayoral term and you're very rich and may be considering higher office, what do you do? Well, if you're Mayor Bloomberg, you stump for other candidates! The NY Sun notes that Hizzoner has "intensified" his very helpful fund-raising, even appearing in TV commercials. Who would have thought three years ago that Bloomberg would be helping out Connecticut Representative Christopher Shays, given that Shays very publicly said he didn't want to go to Times Square because of terrorist threats. (If he had said he just wanted to avoid the insane crowds, that would have been acceptable, but no, he had to bring up the T-word and get into a tiff with Bloomberg!)

Given that the Mayor has helped out Shays, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell, and NY Rep. John Sweeney, the implication is that "bolstering the independent-minded candidates who mirror his style could make running for president in 2008 on a third party line a more credible plan for Mr. Bloomberg." Interesting!

The State Democratic Party isn't very happy with Bloomberg's generosity as it flies in the face with their efforts. Arguing that the Mayor is undermining the city's own agenda, a spokesman told the Sun, "It is an outrage that Mayor Bloomberg is working overtime to ensure that the GOP retains control of Congress. That will mean weaker gun safety laws, abortion rights restrictions, failed policies in Iraq, and obstacles to stem cell research."