You have to love a billionaire who is a lifelong Democrat but then switches parties to be elected mayor of New York. Things are getting interesting, as Mayor Bloomberg tries to make nice with the rest of the country's Republicans, what with this being an election year and the Republican National Convention coming up soon. But news of his refusal to welcome Congressman Bob Ney, at a Republican Congressional Committee fundraising lunch at Bloomberg's Upper East Side townhouse is kind of amazing: Bloomberg has stuck to his guns of not being happy when federal money is not coming to New York City. Ney had voted against shifting $446 million to NYC and other "high-terror risk" urban areas, and therefore said Ney "wasn't welcome in my house." So then RNCC chairman just cancelled the whole lunch. Some guess that the move is to distance the mayor from his party, given the city's Democratic majority. A person who was supposed to attend the meeting explained, "New York comes first when compared to the national party. The mayor's quite clear that we will help those who help New York, so he was right to make an example of someone who doesn't have New York's interest in mind." Uninvitations are so cool in how fierce they are - it's the deliberate "in-your-face" snub. What a burn. Sometimes Gothamist wonders if Mayor Bloomberg really is a Republican; is he bound to run as a Republican for re-election? Maybe he should register as an Independent. Oh, wait, that's just the movie version. Never mind.

Congressman Bob Ney's site. And more on the Republican National Convention here in NY.