2006_02_addabbo.jpgAmong our favorites stories about this city are ones about our billionaire mayor's reluctant Republicanism. Or conveinent Republicanism - take your pick. Sure, the Mayor may have switched to be a Republican to win the mayoral nomination, and he may have made the city host the 2004 Republican National Convention, but he really hates the NY State Republicans, especially after the little support they show the city year after year. So, reading that Mayor Bloomberg might help a Democratic Queens city councilman win a NY State Senate seat is very intriguing. The NY Times reported that City Councilman Joseph Addabbo Jr. has been talking to mayoral aides about possibly challenging Queens incumbent Senator Serphin Maltese. The NY State Republicans are upset and freaked out by this possibility, because Bloomberg controls a lot of money - and might be able to influence his highrolling Democratic friends to help out an Addabbo campaign. This is but one of the Mayor's many ways of showing he's no Republican stooge, though he acts like it sometimes: He donated $100 million to his alma mater - and some of it will go towards programs that have stem cell research - and he hates the NRA so much that he has his flacks defending his girlfriend's honor.

Addabbo is also a lawyer - check out his law firm bio.