Deal With It, Bloomberg is calling this storm NEMO. (Photo from this afternoon's press conference by Jen Carlson/Gothamist)

At today's press conference regarding the blizzard that's hitting New York right now, Mayor Bloomberg referred to the winter storm as Nemo, which is the somewhat controversial name the Weather Channel has bestowed upon it.

Dr. Joel N. Myers, AccuWeather Founder and President, is one of many meteorologists who have spoken out against the Weather Channel's naming of storms, pointing out, "Naming a winter storm that may deliver such varied weather will create more confusion in the public and the emergency management community." So why is Bloomberg using it?

First Deputy Press Secretary Julie Wood, who also runs the Mayor's Office Twitter account—which has been using the #Nemo hashtag—told us this afternoon:

"Since at least some New Yorkers have adopted the name Nemo, we think using it will help the public find information that will help them be prepared and safe during the storm—and that’s our goal in communicating during severe weather. We also know that a lot of New Yorkers get their information via Twitter, and that's why we put information there and on other social media platforms with great frequency during severe weather. We want that information to be searchable and easy to find."

So it looks like the city will be adopting the Weather Channel names... Deal With It.