2005_06_mayorbsleestack.jpgThe NY Times reports that the Mayor's approval ratings are still on the rise. While his rating is at a stellar (for him) 50%, the NY Times tempers that news by running terrible photograph of him (right) - he looks exactly like a Sleestack! Of course, higher voter approvals can be helped out by sophisticated voter analysis and spending $1 million weekly on TV media. People are giving him credit for paying attention the public schools (though how much credit he should get is under debate), for helping the economy, and housing policies, but others are wary of him after the whole West Side Stadium affair. Gothamist expects the Democratic candidates to continue to refine their messages, with a little more than 10 weeks till the primary (September 13); Fernando Ferrer still leads, but it's anyone game. And if you're not registered to vote, do so now!

More Mayoral news:
- Mayoral hopefuls want Asian support because there at over 170,000 votes at stake
- Mayor Bloomberg and Ferrer will head to L.A. on Friday for Mayor Villaraigosa's inauguration, but Villaraigosa isn't coming to NYC to campaign for Ferrer
- New York magazine wonders if a Democrat can win the election (best moment: Tie between when Gifford Miller tries to great people on the street and a woman says, without stopping, "Sorry—I have a life!" and when another woman thinks about which celerbrity Anthony Weiner looks like, "That guy on M*A*S*H! What’s his name? Corporal Klinger!" )

Photograph by Robert Caplin for the NY Times