Mayor Bloomberg in Queens; Photo: Newsday

Mayor Bloomberg, our enigmatic mayor, finds himself in the good graces of New Yorkers for now - at least, 47% of them, versus 41% of New Yorkers who disapprove of him. Also interesting is how his support breaks out by borough: In Manhattan, 60% approval, Brooklyn 47%, Staten Island 46%, Queens 44% and the Bronx 34%. The Quinnipiac poll shows that Fernando Ferrer would still lead Bloomberg in a hypothetical mayoral race, though. Mayor B, feel good while you can, for clawing your way back from a 32% approval rating- who knows what the next poll will say once people have digested your social promotion policy some more.

According to the poll, Bloomberg still outpaces Democratic ticket hopeful, City Council Speaker Gifford Miller. In the Observer today, there's article about Miller's team spearheading his run for mayor. The team's youth is noted in one reference from the Observer ("Ferris Bueller brigade") and one reference from a staffer (calling their offices "the Bat Cave").

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