Mayor B at Game 1 of Yankees-Marlins; Photo -

Mayor Bloomberg's ratings numbers are improving, although there's still a lot of work for his team to do. Critical numbers from the Quinnipiac poll:

- 57% of New Yorkers would like to see "someone else" in City Hall in 2005
- 66% say Bloomberg recall a bad idea; however, only a governor can remove a mayor...hmm...
- 42% approval rating, improved from a 31% in July
- 18.5% approve of property tax hikes
- 36% approve of his handling of education and budget
- 59% approve of smoking ban

The "incremental" improvements might be attributed to his handling of the blackout as well as his aggressive visits for neighborhoods in the borough. Quinnipiac pollster Maurice Carroll notes the mercurial nature of New Yorkers by saying, "If the Yankees win and taxes don't go up again, Bloomberg could get back to plus ratings this year."