You know how the economy is still in a recession and too many people are unemployed and people hate taxing the wealthy? Well, chew on this: New York City's richest man, David Koch, the industrialist and the shadowy Tea Party patron, is worth $25 billion, up from $21.5 billion last year, according to new data from Forbes. Mayor Bloomberg clocks in as the Big Apple's second rich guy—he was only worth $18 billion last year, but now Forbes estimates his wealth at $20 billion. That's more money for million-dollar couches and six-figure lighting fixtures!

You can read Forbes' full list of 400 richest Americans here—there are a bunch of Waltons (as in Wal-Mart) and Donald Trump is #128, so he won't have to sue anyone. When you're done reading the list, you can think about how you're paying more in capital gains taxes than billionaires.