2006_10_mayorbwtcmf.jpgGovernment and World Trade Center Memorial Foundation officials tell the media that Mayor Bloomberg will become the head of the troubled foundation. Earlier this year, after the foundation stopped its fundraising efforts when estimated costs for the project spiraled out of control, Mayor Bloomberg wasn't very happy. And whadya know, he "secretly" donated $10 million to the foundation this summer - ain't that a coincidence, though at least the Mayor is putting his money where his mouth is. The appointment isn't official and already has some opposition, but Pataki said yesterday that if the Mayor did become the head, raising the millions and millions for the memorial might just be easier since he has "a proven success record at philanthropy." Yes, because Mayor Bling's got big pockets! But Mayor Bloomberg's Rolodex is pretty extensive, so it does make some sense.

And Governor Pataki will supposedly be appointed a "honorary lifetime chairman" of the foundation. The NY Times notes that this will ensure he has a "role in the future of Lower Manhattan past the end of his term this year," but if his role is to stack the house with his cronies and not get things done, why bother?

The World Trade Center Memorial Foundation has had two rounds of advertising (1, 2). We can't find any recent figures about fundraising efforts. And did you know that if you donate over $500, you'll get a cobblestone on the memorial's plaza (no names will be placed on them)?