Neptune Diner; Photo - CitysearchThinking about reelecation 2005, the Mayor has been trying to press the flesh by eating at diners all over the city. Some of the places he's been frequenting: Home Sweet Harlem Cafe in Harlem, Tom's Restaurant in Prospects Heights, Brooklyn, and the Neptune Diner in Astoria, Queens. With news like crime continuing to drop under his term, Gothamist thinks Bloomberg ought to be able to communicate that without needing to go totally guerilla one-to-one with his campaigning, but as he's the mumbly orator, maybe small breakfasts wtih every single New Yorker is the only way he can go.

Newsday offers the most salient advice from former Staten Island Borough President Guy Molinari: "To some extent politics is prostitution and Mike doesn't want to do that kind of thing. Somebody should buy him a book on how to become a politician. He's a hell of a leader but a lousy politician."

While his man of the people bit is great with the papers ("Ooh, look at Mayor Bloomberg use creamer out of a plastic container!"), Gothamist cannot forget Mayor Bloomberg is number 29 on Forbes' List of 400 Richest Americans (he probably has a special cow at his townhouse for his coffee's cream). So we think Bloomberg should buy his own book about becoming a politician.