Hardly content to let Senator Chuck Schumer hog the rainbow-colored spotlight, Mayor Bloomberg last night reiterated his support for gay marriage, and urged the state legislature to legalize it. Speaking at the annual dinner of the Manhattan LGBT Community Center, Bloomberg told the crowd, "I think you see that the tide is turning, that support is mounting. It’s still not going to be easy. There are people who don’t agree, but it’s incumbent on all of us to explain to people that this really is a basic right that people should have, and I think that it’s time for Albany to set politics aside and do the right thing, and pass the gay marriage bill." Bloomberg vowed to "testify" in Albany for any bill that comes up for a vote. But Gay City News editor Paul Schindler tells the Daily News that because Senate Democrats hold such a narrow majority, "We need Republican votes to pass this. [Bloomberg] gave a lot of money to the Republican state Senate campaign last year. When the gay community gets politicians to say they're on our side, the next question is, How soon?"