2007_04_bloombergsub.jpgWith the NJ State Police confirming that NJ Governor Corzine's SUV was going 91 MPH on the Garden State Parkway during a crash that left a seat-beltless Corzine critically injured, it was only natural for reporters to ask Mayor Bloomberg his thoughts. And the NY Times' Diane Cardwell says that his "nanny tendencies...were on full display"

First the Mayor revealed that his car has signs reminding people to buckle up. (What, no audio recording of Elmo telling people to buckle up?) And then he said:

I don’t think an elected official that wants to get to someplace for a photo op is appropriate. Legislators having lights and sirens I think is totally inappropriate because there’s no reason they would ever have to go to someplace. They can say, ‘Oh it’s my district I have to be there.’ They aren’t going to save lives. They’re not first responders. I have a rule with the detectives that drive the car that I use, no lights and sirens unless you check with me and only then if it is a really big.

Bloomberg did hope that Corzine recovers, but added, "It is a wake-up call for all of us to make sure you put on the seat belt. Or, as the NY Post sums it up in their headline, "Get Well, Dopey: Mike."

Still, there is always a desire to make up time and to get places faster. Corzine remains hospitalized; doctors put two catheters into his chest to deliver anesthesia to his many broken ribs.

Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg commuting by subway in 2005