Some may call Mayor Bloomberg's desire to win another term as Mayor part of his instinct, but these days, Gothamist is smelling a little desperation. First, there was the story the Village Voice broke about the Mayor's aides allegedly offering a $144,000/year job to former City Councilman Thomas Ognibene in order not to run against Mayor Moneybags in the GOP primary; Ognibene had already decided to run, and, in turn, told the press about how this meeting unfurled at a "lower Manhattan Starbucks." Clearly, overbrewed coffee ain't the only thing cooking in Starbucks. Then the NY Times examined how Mayor B is hiring the creme de la creme of political talent, from both parties, because Bloomby would like to win with "100% of the vote." Goals are nice, but come on. This isn't happening especially since he went to Albany to complain about the lack of funding the state gives the city, Bloomberg still said, "I think on balance he's been good for the city." AUGH!!! Mayor Bling must really need the support of Pataki or other Pataki cronies in the city, because it just doesn't make sense.