A group of Lower Manhattan politicians, including assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, submitted a letter to Mayor Bloomberg yesterday asking Hizzoner to crack down on quality-of-life infractions by Occupy Wall Street protesters encamped at Zuccotti Park. And it seems that Bloomberg was listening: he told reporters today that OWS is wearing out its welcome: "This isn't an occupation of Wall Street. It's an occupation of a growing, vibrant residential neighborhood in Lower Manhattan and it's really hurting small businesses and families," he said.

Bloomberg has long maintained that Occupy Wall Street is bad for businesses in the neighborhood. Oh, except for when he says he thinks Occupy Wall Street is "a tourist attraction." But even so, those kids down there don't know what they're talking about—but mostly they're just bad for tourism (except when they're not)! It's hard to keep track of just what Bloomberg thinks about all this anymore, except that having to deal with OWS is definitely keeping him from gracing some ceremonies with his presence.

The local pols mainly complained about public urination, non-stop drumming and barricades along Broadway—and already, barricades are being removed from the area. Bloomberg added that the city would remain vigilant—and are prepared to step up its response to protesters: "We are constantly monitoring the situation to preserve public safety and to guarantee the rights of all people in the city, and no one should think that we won't take actions that we think are appropriate when we think they are appropriate."