2007_03_bloombergdinkins.jpgMayor Bloomberg has been denying that he will run for President in 2008, steadfastly maintaining that he will be Mayor for two full terms. Except yesterday, the billionaire mayor told Fox News "You never know", which instantly sprinkled fuel on the "Is he or isn't he running?" fire.

To accompany its Rudy Giuliani cover story, Newsweek has an article about Bloomberg's potential in 2008. His fortune is cited as a reason it'll be possible for him to emerge as a candidate later in the campaign process. And announcing candidacy later has its perks, since many people will be tired of candidates courting primary votes. A former aide tells Newsweek that Bloomberg "won't say anything until March of next year."

If the 2008 Presidential race were an all-New York election, who would you vote for: Hillary Clinton (D), Rudy Giuliani (R), or Bloomberg (Independent)? Last December, New York Magazine said Bloomberg would be like a "sane Perot" if he ran for president. And just last week, Mayor Bloomberg went to Harvard's Kennedy School of Government to accept an award. During his speech, he called the politicians in D.C. "dysfunctional" and emphasized the power of local government.

Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg with former mayor David Dinkins at the Jackie Robinson Foundation awards dinner last night by Seth Wenig/AP