Since the ongoing revelations of Rep. Anthony "Stop Staring At My Weapon!" Weiner's private life can't stop/won't stop, his chances at running for mayor in 2013 are looking dimmer and dimmer. This week, a friend of 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin alleged that The Shadow was interested in a mayoral run. And Mayor Bloomberg said he thinks that's long as he doesn't bother him whatsoever: "I only want him to stay out of my business for the next 935 days. For the record, I do not plan to go into his business."

Bloomberg commented on Baldwin's potential mayoral run yesterday, and to his credit, didn't outright scoff at the idea that someone other than him could possibly run NYC: "If he wants to run, great." Adding more fuel to the fire this week, Baldwin tweeted, "It's a long way till November of 2013," followed by a tweet with a link to the video for "New York, New York" from On The Town. But Bloomberg had one major piece of advice if Baldwin is serious: "He's got time to run, but he's got to move into the city. He's not a city resident."

Below, Taiwanese animations experts Next Media Animation put their unique spin on the Baldwin-for-Mayor story. It includes Tina Fey begging for Baldwin to stay on the 30 Rock train, a celebrity Jeopardy contest, and a victorious Mayor Baldwin riding a jackass through the streets of Manhattan: