Poor Mayor Bloomberg, when he isn't threatening the protesters downtown he's got to go to so many darn photo ops. In fact at one such op yesterday he was heard loudly grumbling "I can't wait for the last one. You have no idea." No, Mr. Mayor, we really do!

When asked by reporters to clarify the remarks, which he made at a groundbreaking ceremony, he tried to turn the jab on to the reporters. "I like groundbreakings," he said. "I’ve just always thought that you could do something better with the dirt on your shovel on your last groundbreaking." His spokesman Marc La Vorgna then clarified the remarks: "Standing with a shovel full of dirt in his hands and a few feet from reporters—has he ever been tempted [to throw it]? You bet. Obviously, he was joking about actually doing it."

But we don't think that is really what he meant. And you know, there was a really easy way for Hizzoner to find out what happens at the last groundbreaking a mayor performs—not buying yourself a third term. There certainly were enough candidates waiting in the wings! Plus then Weinergate could have been a whole lot more entertaining!